The Hidden Costs of Asbestos Exposure

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It is documented that exposure to asbestos kills. Current asbestos statistics estimates the number of deaths of asbestos mesothelioma related exposure to approximately thousands per year.

Health Treatment Statistics

Current estimates from NHS suggests that the average cost of treating mesothelioma-asbestos victim is approximately 60,000.  The core of these costs is made of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and intervention. With approximately over 5,000 mesothelioma victims per year it is surprising to see the cost of asbestos cases sky rocketing in the UK in the amounts of 300,000,000 per year.

Unfortunately, the prognosis that these mesothelioma victims have received still remain the same and it is generally expected that these patients will only live a few years. Mesothelioma treatments are currently being used to test and slow down the progressions and try to increase life expectancy. It is suggested that with the new possibility of increased life expectancy that some medical costs could rise to numbers over 100,000 per patient.


Insurance companies have made available reports that have given estimates that the average compensation claim in the years of 2009- 2014 were estimated to be in the area of $100,000. The largest payment being 4,250,000. In 2013 there were new changes implemented that have caused the average claim payout to increase to 134,000. Based the current uk statics that the 5,000 deaths per year, this suggest that insurers are paying out approximately $670,000,000 in financial compensation per year

It is estimated that this number is most likely to change as individuals are living longer resulting
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